Two-Week Professional Development Workshop for English Language Teachers from Non-mainstream Institutes in Lahore, Punjab

In collaboration with the Regional English Language Office at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) conducted third two-week training workshop for English Language teachers from non-mainstream institutes from 7-18 March, 2022 in Lahore.  A total of 42 male Madrasah teachers from Punjab, Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and Islamabad representing Muslim diversity including Barelvi, Deobandi, Salfi, Shia and Jamat e Islami participated in the workshop.

The U.S. English Language Specialist Dr. Luis Javier Pentón Herrera and Pakistani English Language Expert Muhammad Umer Azim teamed up to design and conduct the workshop. The workshop was participatory in nature and included integrated lessons with a variety of materials on the most important topics and content about teaching methodology, interactive activities covering listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar were conducted. The participants did micro-teaching: they prepared and delivered 15-minute mini-lessons. The Pakistani trainer and PEF project Manager met one-on-one with the participants to work on lesson plan work/feedback.

The U.S. Consul General William K. Makaneole, Deputy Public Affairs Officer Reid Howell, and English Programs Manager-Punjab Dr. Muhammad Iqbal participated in the opening and closing ceremonies. The U.S. Consul General distributed the certificates among the participants. At the end of the workshop the honorable Mr. William K. Makaneole, congratulated the trained teachers on successfully completing a two-week training program. Mr. William said, “English is an international language which opens the door of dialogue and discussion and in return help people to understand and appreciate different religions and culture. English language is a great tool all including religious scholars for teaching, preaching and interfaith dialogue to create interfaith harmony and tolerance which will ultimately help us for global peace.”

This initiative provided professional development opportunity to the teachers, who are educating to the underserved and underprivileged students. The teachers improved their English communication, teaching techniques and improve teaching and pedagogical skills. Our ultimate aim is to equip these teachers in this project to provide quality, modern and impactful English instructions to their students for brighter future. Community of Practice (COP) for is formed.

Learning Outcomes:

As per participant’s feedback, teachers have:

  1. Learned how to engage the four language domains and practiced those skills.
  2. Learned the structure of Bloom’s Taxonomy and applied the structure to show an understanding of the need for a variety of tasks in a language lesson.
  3. Learned where to find materials on the American English website.
  4. Learned the structure of Garner’s Multiple Intelligences and demonstrated how to incorporate multiple intelligences to plan lessons.
  5. Used American English materials.
  6. Planned a student-centered mini-lesson.
  7. Received feedback on their mini-lesson.

Participants Quotations:

I am extremely grateful to Peace Education and Foundation (PEF) and RELO for conducting such a wonderful workshop for English Language Teachers. Being a Madrasa English Language teacher for the last 8 years I have faced many issues in the classroom regarding teaching methods, strategies and management, I learned the solution of how to use different strategies, methods and activities effectively in the classroom to enhance learning and teaching outcomes. Indeed, it was one of the most fruitful workshops I have ever attended in my life. Both of the Trainers Dr. Luis Javeir and Mr. Umer Azim were dedicated, kind and devoted. We have learned a lot from them. The venue was ideal and peaceful. The most interesting aspect of this workshop for me was that the participants were from different regions and sects, but the way we spent these two weeks was unforgettable. We lived as brothers and the respect shown for each other was amazing. This was a great example and model of intersect harmony. Thanks once again PEF and RELO for such a phenomenal Workshop. Muhammad Illiyas from Jamia Tul Kauthar, Islamabad

After attending this workshop, I feel that the whole universe is a classroom and I am teaching with new ideas. We have learned wonderful teaching methodologies and useful activities.  It was an enjoyable learning experience. I am working as an English and Arabic language teacher for last seven years in my institution named as “Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia Bhera” in central Punjab. Moreover, this institute has more than 300 branches in Pakistan and some abroad. Past year, I have conducted more than four language courses in my institute. But I had not these ideas and technique but now Inshallah I will apply these techniques and skills in my daily teaching and as well in courses. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever does not thank people has not thank Allah”. So, I thank you from all of my colleagues and all organizers of this program. I specially mention US Consul General and U.S. Embassy for giving us opportunity and this grant to PEF. Dr Naeem Uddin from Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia Bhera, Sarghoda

When I was informed by the administration of my institution about the PEF English teachers workshop, and offered if I wanted to join, I was wondering about what will they teach us? Will they teach us the Grammar? Or some other content regarding English vocabulary or literature? But after having few sessions my assumptions and perceptions were changed totally.  PEF trainers were not only focusing on the content, they were focusing on how to teach rather than what to teach.  This was the best part of the workshop I really liked that they told us about many strategies activities and games which could be beneficial for teaching. I really appreciate that all the teachers attended the workshop sessions being students. They proved practically that a teacher is always a student.  Syed Muhammad Wajahat Abbas Naqvi from Hadi Education System, Islamabad

The workshop was very helpful, I got an opportunity to learn English language teaching from national and international trainers. The strategies I learn in this workshop I will use them into my classroom. I would like to request Peace and Education Foundation and U.S.  embassy that they should organize such programs for females Madrassah English teachers as well. Syed Rizwan Haider Bukhari from Darul Uloom Husnainia Habibia, Azad Kashmir

Event Pictures: