Mission & Objectives


Our Vision is a peaceful and educated Pakistani society where people are adopting constructive and peaceful approaches to resolve their conflicts.


Our Mission is to prevent, mitigate and transform conflicts stemming from ethnic, religious and political identity through educational enhancement and increasing engagement of opinion leaders. We aim to achieve this mission by leveraging world-class practices in capacity-building programs, meaningful cultural exchanges and research initiatives to develop new systems that support peacemaking and tolerance across Pakistan.

  • Inspire ongoing enhancement of the educational curricula and standards to include social and scientific disciplines with a particular emphasis on religious tolerance, diversity, co-existence and peace-building.
  • Encourage the adoption of modern pedagogical techniques that inculcate critical thinking and peace-building skills among civil society, scholars, community leaders, teachers and students.
  • Equip educational and religious leaders, teachers and students with the skills to further disseminate peacebuilding, reconciliation, and human rights awareness to large segments of society.
  • Provide mechanisms for marginalized and disenfranchised segments of society to interact with opinion leaders, scholars, civil society and government officials.
  • Build educational and academic links between madrasah and higher education institutions for the purpose of ‘trust-building’, academic exchanges and learning and promote educational inclusiveness.