Creating Peace Champions

With the support of European Union (EU), Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) has successfully implemented a 30-month project “Engaging diverse religious leaders to promote culture of tolerance, reconciliation and peace” from January 20, 2016 to July 19, 2018.The project goals were to: Trigger and nurture a process of social change for peace, reconciliation and dialogue between Muslim sectarian and non-Muslim religious communities in Pakistan to build culture of tolerance and coexistence‘. The project was aimed in engaging multi-layered religious engagement includes imams, madrasah faculty and interfaith leaders and their preachers ‘, community members and opinion leaders to maximize support and cooperation for peaceful co-existence in diverse communities.

Through this European Union funded project, PEF has developed and mobilized diverse religious leaders, and their communities in key vulnerable districts of Punjab, KPK and Islamabad to build tolerance, reconciliation and peace-making potential of religious leaders, their institutions and their communities for years to come. Under this project, 985 Mosque Imams, Madrasah teachers and interfaith religious leaders were capacitated and then equipped with specialized skills and resources to amplify the peace building messages to some 29,506 people within their communities. Further through media project goals and messages were disseminated to more than three million people.

Multi Layer Programs

Mosque Imam Training

‘The Imam training program was designed according to the acute community demand, as there exist no standardized Imam development programs in Pakistan. The proposed Imam engagement initiative will utilize the grassroots reach of the mosque and the systemic messages of media to enhance peace building by reducing intolerance in Pakistani society and potentially curb ethnic and religious violence. For more details click here

Madrasah Teachers Training

‘Peace Education and Islam’ textbook was introduced by Peace and Education Foundation in 2014. Introducing peace textbook program for madrasahs aims at making teachers and students as an integral contributor in peace-building process, spreading tolerance, respecting diversity and democracy to bring about behavioral change in their communities. The methodology of peace textbook specifically designed to cater the need … click here

Interfaith Skill Development

The project seeks to address the vulnerability and pervasiveness of religious narratives based on violence and intolerance at the community level. The project is targeting 18 districts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) including Islamabad. Under this project, 200 interfaith leaders representing Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and all Muslim schools of thought will be engaged within span of January, 2016 to July, 2018…click here

Community Engagement programs (CEPs)