Book launch Ceremony on ‘Democracy and Pakistani Youth’

Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) organized the Book Launch Ceremony of its latest publication, titled ‘Democracy and Pakistani Youth,’ on October 22, 2023, in Karachi. The event was a significant milestone in current context of Pakistan about youth engagement on democracy and the vital role of the Pakistani youth in democratic process.

The event was moderated by Project Manager Ms. Irsa Shafiq and inaugurated the event stressing the need to empower the younger generation with knowledge and understanding of their role in shaping Pakistan’s democratic landscape. Mr. Gulam Murtaza (Director, PEF) highlighted PEF’s seven years of contributions in strengthening democracy and democratic values in Pakistan.

The author of the book, Dr. Muhammad Hussain, offered an insightful book review, explaining that ‘Democracy and Pakistani Youth’ is designed to enhance the comprehension of the youth regarding the democratic system and values in Pakistan. Furthermore, it addresses the challenges faced by young individuals in their participation in the democratic process. Muhammad Hussain expressed his vision, stating, “In this book, we aim to empower the youth with knowledge about their role in shaping the democratic landscape of our nation.”

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sakina (Professor at the Department of Social Work, University of Karachi), regarded the book as an invaluable resource for both students and scholars, providing a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between youth and democracy in Pakistan.

A stimulating panel discussion to open-up discourse on Democracy & Pakistani Youth, prospects, challenges & way forward is also part of the event. The panelist featured Hareem Siddiqui (Student Affairs Advisor at SZABIST), and Owais Rabbani, (Anchor person and speaker at GTV) and Dr. Muhammad Hussain (Author of the Book). The discussion underscored the importance of creating opportunities for young people to participate effectively in the democratic process.

Dr. Amir Tauseen (Former Madrassah Education Board Chairman) delivered concluding remarks, stressing on the need for educational institutions to play a more substantial role in nurturing democratic values and encouraging critical thinking among the youth.

Pictures of the event can be seen on the following Link: