Peace and Education Foundation organized the book launch ceremony of its latest publication “Democracy and Pakistani Youth” at Punjab University campus in collaboration with Social Work Department on November 29, 2023.

Assistant Professor Department of Social Work Punjab University, Dr. Muhammad Arshad, in his welcome remarks, acknowledged the pertinent initiative of PEF to progress Islam and Democracy in the country through this book and acknowledged PEF’s fight for human rights, and democracy over multiple platforms. Director Peace and Education Foundation (PEF), Ghulam Murtaza, in his welcome remarks to the audience, briefed on the importance of engaging youth in the democratic discourse of the country. He discussed the parameters to understand the societal intolerance among youth and discussed the contributions of PEF to fill the gap in engaging youth from diverse sectors.  He emphasized the crucial role of youth in democratic system and how the non-involvement of youth in democracy has led to the constant instability of democratic system in Pakistan.

Project Manager Ms. Irsa Shafiq also emphasized on engaging youth to strengthen democratic system and values in Pakistan. Muhammad Hussain, the author of the book, provided a comprehensive review that highlights the book’s core focus: enriching the youth’s comprehension of Pakistan’s democratic system and its inherent values. He explained the need for writing this book and related it to the immense waves of religious extremism, political polarization, and instability that Pakistan has been delved over the years. However even more astonishing is the fact that our youth is largely unfamiliar with this discourse. He continued to explain the context of each chapter and its relativity to the political order in Pakistan. He emphasized, “Democracy is not a concept it is a political system”.

Professor and Chairperson Department of Social Work Punjab University, Dr. Uzma Ashiq, in her concluding remarks articulated the aspirations and concerns of the youth, advocating for more inclusive platforms to amplify their voices. The dialogue encompassed proactive measures, collaborative strategies, and innovative approaches to empower youth as key stakeholders in shaping Pakistan’s democratic future.

The book launch was a resounding success, fostering a platform for meaningful dialogue and scholarly exchange on the imperative role of youth in Pakistan’s democratic evolution. The event was attended by the students of the various universities of Lahore, journalists, student activists, and media representatives. They appreciated PEF’s contribution on the promotion of democracy.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Tahira Jabeen, (Director Centre for Social Development and Social Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Punjab University) highlighted the dual responsibility of both the youth and society in fostering a healthy democratic environment. Dr. Jabeen encouraged youth’s active political participation from in civic engagement, advocating for their voices to be heard and respected in the democratic process. She discussed the compatibility of democracy and religion and further reflected on the necessity to distinguish fundamental truth and dogma in religion and that it is crucial to sustain democratic process. In her landmark words she said, “French revolution is the living example that religion and democracy are inseparable.”


Guest of Honor, Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Vice Chancellor University of the Punjab delivered insightful concluding remarks, commending the invaluable insights shared during the book launch event. He emphasized the critical role of academic institutions in nurturing a democratic ethos among the youth and reiterated the university’s commitment to fostering an environment that encourages active civic engagement.