One-Week Workshop Young Professionals on Enhancing English Language Communication and Leadership Skills

Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) successfully organized a one-week workshop in collaboration with the Regional English Language Office at the U.S. Embassy, Islamabad. The workshop, held from January 22 to 26, 2024 in Lahore, aimed to enhance the English language communication and leadership skills of Transgender students and young professionals. A total of 39 Transgenders residing in Punjab participated in the workshop. The workshop was led by Dr. Umer Azim, a seasoned trainer, and assisted by Ms. Zubda Ali, an experienced educator.

The workshop adopted a participatory approach, incorporating a variety of engaging activities and materials designed to strengthen English language proficiency, cultivate critical thinking abilities, and foster leadership skills among the Transgender community. Through interactive discussions and problem-solving activities, participants honed their critical thinking skills. Leadership-focused sessions, led by Dr. Umer and Ms. Zubda, equipped participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop their leadership qualities. Case studies and practical exercises provided participants with insights into effective leadership practices. The workshop also empowered members of the transgender community by imparting job readiness skills, providing participants with valuable guidance on preparing for the workforce.

This initiative provided much-needed professional development opportunities to the young Transgenders, helping them improve their English language proficiency, enhance their leadership abilities, master effective communication techniques, and attain job readiness. The workshop also served as a catalyst for the formation of a Community of Practice (COP) among Transgender community, creating a supportive network that facilitates continued learning and collaboration. The workshop’s success underscores PEF’s commitment to empowering Transgender Youth through education and skill development, paving the way for a brighter future for this resilient community.

The participants expressed their deep appreciation to RELO and PEF for organizing such an enriching and transformative experience. They appreciated that the workshop provided them with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance their English language proficiency, strengthen their leadership capabilities, and foster effective communication skills. They are confident that the skills they have gained will enable them to make significant contributions to their communities and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Attending the RELO and PEF workshop in Lahore for Young Transgender Professionals was a transformative experience. The emphasis on enhancing English language and leadership skills was not only relevant but also delivered with great insight and inclusivity. The organizers created a supportive space that allowed for meaningful growth and development. I’m grateful for this empowering opportunity – it truly made a positive impact on my journey. Thank you to RELO and PEF for their commitment to fostering skills and inclusion. Muzammil Ali from Multan.


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the one-week English learning workshop. The well-structured program, diverse activities, and engaging lessons made the experience enjoyable and effective. The instructors’ expertise and enthusiasm, coupled with personalized attention in small classes, enhanced my confidence in using English. The resources provided, along with post-workshop support, showcase a commitment to participants’ ongoing success. Grateful for the opportunity, this workshop not only improved my language skills but also inspired me to continue my learning journey. The dedication of the organizers and the program’s quality truly contributed to its success. Hassan Raza Sheikh from Multan