One-Week Workshop On Enhancing English Language Communication And Leadership Skills for Young Professionals

Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) successfully organized a one-week workshop in collaboration with the Regional English Language Office at the U.S. Embassy, Karachi. The workshop, April 22 to 26, 2024 in Karachi, aimed to enhance the English language communication and leadership skills of Transgender students and young professionals. A total of 35 Transgenders residing in Sindh participated in the workshop. The workshop was led by Ms. Saima Muhammad Iqbal, an experienced trainer, and assisted by Mr. Syed Atif Ali, well known educator.

The workshop adopted an interactive approach, employing diverse activities and resources curated to bolster English language proficiency, nurture critical thinking capabilities, and cultivate leadership qualities within the Transgender community across Sindh. Through dynamic discussions and problem-solving exercises, participants refined their critical thinking abilities. Leadership-oriented sessions, facilitated by Ms. Saima Iqbal and Mr. Atif Ali, provided participants with essential tools and knowledge to enhance their leadership potential. Real-life case studies and practical exercises offered valuable insights into effective leadership strategies. Furthermore, the workshop equipped members of the Transgender community with job readiness skills, offering practical guidance on entering the workforce.

This initiative addressed a pressing need for professional development opportunities among young Transgender individuals, empowering them to improve their English language proficiency, refine their leadership skills, master effective communication techniques, and prepare for employment. Moreover, the workshop fostered the establishment of a supportive Community of Practice (COP) among Transgender individuals, facilitating ongoing learning and collaboration. The success of the workshop underscores PEF’s dedication to empowering Transgender Youth through education and skill enhancement, thereby paving the way for a brighter future for this resilient community. Peace and Education took center stage at the US Consulate, Karachi’s during cultural night, alongside US Public Affairs Officer Lee McManis, in a heartfelt tribute to the resilience and spirit of the transgender community.

Participants expressed profound gratitude to RELO and PEF for organizing this enriching and transformative experience. They lauded the workshop for equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their English language proficiency, strengthen their leadership capabilities, and foster effective communication skills. Confident in the skills acquired, participants look forward to making substantial contributions to their communities and achieving their personal and professional aspirations.


Participants Quotations

Attending a week-long workshop in Karachi proved to be an immensely enriching experience for me. Not only did it enhance my English proficiency, but it also honed my leadership skills significantly. Throughout the workshop, I actively worked on improving my English language abilities, which, in turn, boosted my confidence levels. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in a photography session, where I learned valuable techniques to enhance my photography skills. The knowledge gained from this session empowered me to proficiently edit my photographs, adding depth and creativity to my work. Overall, the workshop was a transformative journey that left a lasting impact on my personal and professional development. Irfan from Khairpur Mirs, Sindh


The training was conducted with utmost professionalism, offering valuable insights into leadership development and enhancing English language communication skills. Despite the intensive content packed into just one week, the sessions were remarkably relevant and rewarding. Each segment was not only informative but also encouraged active participation, making the learning experience engaging. Personally, I found great value in relating to the real-life scenarios and experiences shared by the trainers, as this will undoubtedly influence my decision-making and leadership abilities positively in the future. The training provided a comprehensive understanding of the subjects covered, and the supportive management further facilitated a conducive learning environment, ensuring maximum benefit for all participants. Jana Qureshi from Noshero Feroze, Sindh


Participating in one week training workshop focused on English language communication and leadership skills was an enriching experience that equipped me with a diverse set of valuable competencies. Throughout the workshop, I enquired into various areas including communication strategies, interview tactics, CV writing techniques, effective teamwork dynamics, leadership principles, as well as photography and videography basics. I am particularly optimistic about the impact these newly acquired skills will have on advancing my professional journey. The exceptional support and guidance from both the management and trainers played a pivotal role in fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning. Their expertise, coupled with a positive attitude, not only facilitated skill development but also contributed significantly to the overall success of the workshop. I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity and deeply content with the transformative experience it provided. Tariq Ali from Larkana, Sindh


I extend my gratitude to Peace and Education Foundation, as well as RELO, for providing me with this wonderful platform to enhance my English language skills. I would like to express my appreciation for the trainers’ exceptional dedication and remarkable grip of subject matter, I have not only acquired valuable skills from them but have also learned to appreciate the art of photography in a profound manner. Participating in these activities has been immensely enjoyable and enriching for me. Muhammad Haziq Khan from Karachi, Sindh